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Steps to Get Your California Learner's Permit and
Driver's License

  1. Complete our online course or home study packet. If you completed the home study course, return the final tests to Onlineteendriving.

  2. Wait for your completion certificate which will be mailed out within 36 hours of the time we receive your completed packet.

  3. Obtain a proof of enrollment in drivers training from a driving school in your area. As of Jan. 1, 2004 the California DMV requires all minors (under the age of 18) to be enrolled in a drivers training program with a professional driving school to be eligible to obtain a learners permit. This is confirmed by a proof of enrollment form, licensed by the DMV, issued by a driving school. You must present the original copy of this certificate to the DMV. A fax or copy of this certificate will not be accepted

  4. Fill out the drivers license application form (DL44).

  5. Make an appointment with the DMV and take the permit test.

  6. Things to bring to the DMV for the permit test:

    Drivers license application form (DL44) completely filled out correctly and legibly (both parents must sign)
    Acceptable birth document (original)
    Certificate of completion (drivers education)
    Certificate of enrollment (drivers training)

    You will not be able to take the test if you are missing any one of these items. You also must know your social security number.

  7. Take permit test.

  8. Begin the state required six hours of drivers training.

  9. Begin driving with your parents. The state requires you to have 50 hrs. of parent training at the time of your drive test. Note: Your permit is not valid until you have had the first two hours of professional drivers training.

  10. When you have completed drivers training you may make an appointment to take the final drivers license test.

  11. Things to bring to the DMV for the driving test:
    Completion certificate for drivers training (original)
    Original learners permit

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