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Frequently Asked Questions / Terms

Q. Are online driver education courses legal in Califomia?

A. Yes! The DMV accepts online driver educatoin courses provided by DMV licenced driving schools.

Q. Who is required to take California Driver Education?
A. Teens ages 15 to 17 1/2 are required to take the course. After 17 1/2 you no longer need driver education. You will still need to take driver training in order to get your permit prior to your 18th birth day.

Q. Where do you get the DMV Certificate of Completion forms?
A. The DMV issues the driver education completion forms to our school. Only licensed schools with an accepted curriculum can receive these certificates.

Q. Do you have a secure site?

A. Yes! Your security and privacy are safe with us. Our site is protected with hacker safe protection software so you can purchase with confidence.

Q. When I'm done with my online course will I be able to print my certificate from the web site.

A. No. This is a common misconception when purchasing an online course. The DMV does not allow schools to reproduce their certificates via the internet. We must issue you the DMV certificate. We send this to you through the mail. Certificates are mailed the business day after the course is completed. (Rush delivery available!!)

Q. Can I have my certificate faxed to me?

A. No. The DMV will not accept a reproduced copy of any certified materials including DMV issued completion certificates. This includes faxes, photo copies, e-mails, scans and computer printouts.

Q. Why shouldn't we wait and take drivers ed in public school for free?

A. Most schools no longer offer driver ed. Those that do only have limited space for students. These courses can take up to 6 weeks. Our course allows you to finish as quickly as you can complete the material.

Q. Why take an online course?
A. Today's students have busier schedules than ever before. After school sports, drama, music, student government and other activities are taking up more time. Homework assignments are getting heavier, especially in world history, algebra and computer classes. Everyone is striving to raise their SAT scores and get admitted to a good college. It makes more sense to study at home on your own schedule in your spare time.

Q. Do I still need to take driver training?
A. Yes, after you complete our course, you still need to sign up with a local driver training school for six hours of behind the wheel instruction.

Q. Who can take this class?
A. Any high school student in California. Also, California students who are studying out of state as exchange students, etc., but who plan to apply for their license in California when they return. (We do not mail to addresses outside the United States.

Q. What certificate will I receive when I complete the course.
A.You will receive the DMV certificate DL400C. This is the official DMV certificate of completion of driver education.

Q. What if I lose or misplace my DMV certificate after completing the class?
A. You can find our contact information by logging into your account or by looking at the footer of your emailed confirmations. Simply contact the customer service agent and request a duplicate certificate (fees may apply)

Q. Are there any refunds on your driver ed courses or programs?
A.Refunds are available up to 30 days from the registration date. To request a refund, contact the customer service department and speak to a friendly agent 24 hours a day.

Q. What if I have other questions?

A. Use our contact form to direct any additional questions.